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Wireless microphone systems are a key component in almost every broadcast, motion picture, theatrical and sound stage production, as well as corporate, religious and educational venues. The Wireless Guide offers readers an excellent foundation in the concepts of designing and operating a wireless microphone system.

This guide is intended to uncover some of the mysteries behind the operating principles of wireless systems and help the reader separate fact from fiction when selecting a wireless system for a particular application. Far too much propaganda has been published by various manufacturers, with boastful, and sometimes incredible claims about the quality of the equipment being offered. Armed with an understanding of the basic principles of wireless operation, it becomes possible to see through the maze and make intelligent choices.

Please note: Products referenced in this guide, which was written in 2000, are largely obsolete, but the basic concepts behind this guide are still sound. The laws of physics don’t change, although products certainly do! Today’s products offer choices in diversity settings, both Hybrid and Digital modulation, and a host of new features not found in the products reference here. Please visit www.lectrosonics.com for our latest product offerings.