Frequency Tables & Switch Settings

SM Frequency Adjustment

SM Front PanelThe SM Series offers state-of-the-art membrane switches and LCD to set up and control the transmitter. The operating frequency can be displayed in MHz or as a two-digit hexadecimal number. The hexadecimal number is equivalent to the rotary switch settings used on other Lectrosonics transmitters. With the SM, pressing the Up or Down Arrows increases or decreases the operating frequency in 100 kHz increments. The frequency range (block) of the unit is displayed as part of the power on process.

Adjusting the Frequency for Transmitters
with Rotary Frequency Select Switches

If you are experiencing interference from another signal on your frequency, you may want to change the operating frequency of your system. Frequency Switches

To gain access to the frequency adjustment switches, slide the access door (if equipped) open with a fingernail. The frequency range (block) of the unit is laser engraved on this switch cover or housing.

The left switch changes the operating frequency in large steps and the right switch changes it in fine steps. If you are experiencing interference, change the operating frequency in fine steps to find a clear channel. If it is not possible to find a clear channel using the fine switch, return it to its original position and change the left switch by one click then try the right switch again.

Note: Block 944 wireless microphones operate within the STL band and are only allowed for use in Part 74 of the FCC rules by licensed users for broadcast production. All other users of wireless microphones must operate in the range between 470-698MHz.

Frequency Tables

Important!!! Transmitter and receiver must be on the same frequency block and the transmitter and receiver must be set to the same frequency. If they are not, the system will not work.

(Click on block number to see table)

Block IFB-VHF|closed


FreqTable IFB VHF

Block 470|closed


Block 19|closed


Block 20|closed


Block 21|closed


Block 22|closed


Block 23|closed


Block 606|closed


Block 24|closed


Block 25|closed


Block 26|closed


Block 27|closed


Block 28|closed


Block 29|closed


Block 30|closed


Block 31|closed


Block 32|closed


Block 33|closed


Block 941|closed

Block941 1

Block941 2

Block941 3

Block941 4

Block941 5 V2

Block 944|closed