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Will accidentally applying 48 phantom power damage a lectrosoncs' receiver's output?


Way back with the early CR185's (VHF compact receiver), when dinosaurs roamed the earth, we lost a few output stages to cheap mixers that had a single switch for all or nothing phantom power. We decided that we couldn't expect our customers to always be 100% perfect (we do expect 99.8%) and so we protected the output stages with bridge diodes. However, if the diodes were conducting and protecting the receiver, the signal was killed until the phantom power was removed. Some customers didn't realize what was happening, and returned perfectly good units to us for repair. That's when we realized that 99.8% of the customers didn't read the manual. Near perfection of another kind. My apologies to those two people who did read the manual. I also might mention here, that I never read a manual until I've got the device operating. It's an ego thing.

So, we added a resistive series circuit to protect against capacitive discharge, resistive bleeders to ground to reduce peak voltages and non-polar capacitors for protection against mis-wiring (pin 2 to pin 1, etc.). We have had no output stage failures since we put in all the gimmickry. We have lost an output stage or two when it appeared the outputs got wired up to 110Vac in some manner. This can usually be spotted by the large quantities of charred circuit board.

None of this is mentioned in an FAQ because we don't consider phantom power a problem. I will add this note, since I haven't done an FAQ in a long time and it is a good question to ask.

Posted 1 year agoby LectroAdmin