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What happens if 48 Volt phantom power is accidentally applied to the balanced output of a receiver?


The 185 series has diodes to the power supply to protect the output from 48 Volt phantom power or other high DC voltages on the output jack. If the voltage on the output line exceeds 12 Volts, the diodes turn on and shunt the excess voltage. Since the diodes are now conducting, they also shunt (kill) the audio. The solution is to remove the 48 Volts. Some years after the first 185 design, we ran into mixing boards (poorly designed IMHO), where the 48 Volt was on all the mics or none of the mics. We redesigned the protection to either include non polar capacitors or shunt resistors to ground as well as the diodes. The newer designs prevent the audio from being shunted. This is what you will find on all receivers after the 185 series. It is possible to change the output on your 185, but I recommend just removing the 48 Phantom power when necessary.

Posted 1 year agoby LectroAdmin