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Is the XLR input to the plug on UH transmitters a true balanced input?


The UH series has always had an unbalanced input. Since a mic is usually plugged right into the unit, a balanced input was unnecessary. Recently we have gone to a pseudo-balanced input to make some professional mics happier with our input. The current arrangement for the UH400 has a 500 Ohm input load on pin 2 and a 500 Ohm resistor load to a 20 uF capacitor to ground. As far as what the mic sees it is 500 Ohms to ground on both pins 2 and 3 or equivalent to a center tapped 1000 Ohm load. If the mic has emitter follower outputs for pins 2 and 3, this keeps the UH400 from "shorting" the audio on pin 3 and raising the distortion level of the mic. Mics with a floating and balanced output (a transformer or equivalent) will work into this input with the additional benefit of standard common mode rejection. The advantage to us is backwards compatibility with older transmitters and our unbalanced lavaliere mic adapter.

See MCA5X Adapter

This wiring also makes it possible to use a two wire lavaliere mic with the UH400. Simply set the phantom power to 5 Volts and wire the two wire lavaliere to pin 1 shield and pin 2 hot.

Posted 1 year agoby LectroAdmin