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#072 - WIRELESS - How do I wire a Sanken CUB-01 to an SM transmitter?


The Sanken CUB-01 boundary mic does not seem to have the usual FET output stage and also seems to have a large capacitor across the power supply lead (bias lead). This means that it can't be wired as the usual three wire microphone with the SM. The wiring below seems to work well and is fully compatible with our other transmitters.

  • Our pin 1 to Sanken shield (ground).
  • Our pin 2 to Sanken black wire (5 Volt power).
  • Our pin 3 to a 511 Ohm resistor and the other end to Sanken white wire (audio). This matches well to our 300 Ohm input input while providing a satisfactory 811 Ohms to the Sanken mic.
  • Our pins 4 and 5 no connections.
Posted 1 year agoby LectroAdmin