I wondered if the 3 ms delay that the 411 produces still occurs when it is used in 200 series emulation mode? What about other 400 systems? Is the delay mostly in the transmitter or receiver? Open

Yes, you will still have delay. The 400 series units have the same delay no matter what emulation mode they are in. The system delay is equally split between the transmitter and the receiver. If you are using a UH400 in 200 mode with a UCR201 receiver, you will still have 1.6 ms of delay in the UH400 and none in the UCR201. If you used a UH195 (fixed frequency analog)with a UCR411, you would have 1.6 ms delay in the UCR411.

The delay has little to do with what emulation is running in the DSP but is primarily due to the conversion from analog to digital and digital to anlog in the units. That conversion is exactly the same in all emulation modes.

The 3 ms delay is small and is equivalent to the time it takes sound to travel 3 feet.

Posted 3 years agoby LectroAdmin

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