What wireless systems can the 400 series wireless imitate or emulate? Open


The 400 series digital hybrid series transmiters and receivers will emulate other analog systems such as the Lectro IFB, 100, 195 and 200 series. Basically, we turn off the high level hybrid processing of the signal and just run the DSP as a dual band compander. We can also emulate any single band compander since that is a much simpler process but will choose those brands that have enough units in the field to make economic sense for us. At the moment we will only emulate two other brands and frankly we aren't going to heavily advertise the fact that we can do it. I don't want to get into a shoving match about whether the emulation is "correct" or not. Our dealers can simply make a recommendation of "try it and see". Interestingly, the single band emulation has most of the problems of the real unit in the areas of breathing, noise modulation and the dreaded "key test". The emulation gives only small improvements in these areas. We were hoping for much more since we could detect overload much more accurately but.... To be fair, the 200 series dual band emulation is no better or worse than a real 200 transmitter. One additional downside to the emulation is that you will have 1.5 ms of processing delay that you won't have with a real full analog system.

The emulation was created for three reasons: one is to sell a few more units by being compatible with a competitor's system, to have a reasonable upgrade path for users that have invested in 200 series systems and don't want to sell the farm to move to the 400 series and finally sometimes it is very handy on a movie set to be able to make a system imitate another when you are just one item short.

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