The battery door on my UCR receiver is loose. How can I tighten it without taking the receiver apart? Open


Here is the way to correct the problem of the XLR insert sleeve coming loose and causing the battery door to "flop" around as shown below.

 xlrucr401 1

You will need a .050 inch allen wrench (Lectrosonics part number 35700). We will mail you one at no charge if you ask our service department at 800 821-1121 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

On the UCR401, push the XLR and sleeve until the sleeve face is flush with the battery door as shown below.Then tighten the allen screw. Don't overtighten.

 xlrucr401 2

The sleeves on the UCR201, UCR211, UCR411, and UCR411A are not flush. Push the XLR sleeve until the sleeve face sticks out 1/16 of an inch (approximately) as shown below and then tighten the allen screw. Don't overtighten.


Thanks to our service manager, Dean Slotness, for the pictures and explanation.

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