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Why are some Lectro transmitters only flat to 70 Hz?


Here's the total and long winded story on Lectro low end frequency response. Once upon a time, all the transmitters were set up to be flat (1 dB down)to 50 Hz. Some UM195 users were having problems with low frequency rumble driving the bass compander and causing rumble modulated breathing in the system. We did 3 different fixes in the system, one of which was to roll off the input at 70 to 90 Hz. We picked this number cause that's what Vega was using and they were the Big Dogs at that time and we figured, correctly, that they knew what they were doing. This improved the operation of the systems and all seemed well except that Jerry Bruck (the Schoeps importer) wanted response down to 50 Hz. So for a while we did a Jerry Bruck modification that was basically back to the original input reponse. Jerry knew what he was doing and could handle the room rumble and wind noise in other ways. Then a lazy engineer (me) decided this was too much paperwork to track all his orders and redesigned the UM series transmitters to have a variable rolloff. That way Jerry could have his cake and we didn't have to build bake a special. You can hear the rolloff on voice if the rolloff is set to maximum (185 Hz). If you set it for 100 Hz or lower, it leaves voice alone.

The UH195 and UH200 plug on series were never rolled off since most pro microphones have a low end roll off anyway or have switchable filters. Or they have extended bass reponse and the user has selected the mic for that bass reponse. In any case, we left the UH's alone and they are flat to below 50 Hz.

Posted 1 year agoby LectroAdmin