Who can get a license for wireless microphones over 50mW? Open


There have been NO changes in who qualifies for wireless microphone licenses and how much power their transmitter can have. Only those involved in television broadcast - licensed broadcasters, networks, and people making content for television or motion picture production - can get a license for wireless microphones. They can use up to 250mW. 

People who are NOT directly involved in production for broadcast and motion pictures cannot qualify for a license and, under the new rules, can use wireless microphones
without a license as long as they are 50mW or lower. 

They cannot get a lioense - exactly the same as before the new rules. The only difference now is the exemption for lower powered transmitters. 

If you are involved in TV or movies and want to get your license, you can get the form FCC601 from:


You will also need Schedule H and forms 159 and 160 (also found on the above link). 
(four forms in total)

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