When I use two UM400 transmitters in a bag system and power them off a common DC supply(power distro unit) and correct them to the ouputs of a field mixer, my noise floor goes up. What's happening here and how do I get rid of the noise? Open


Since this was posted on 2006-03-02, we have come up with a third solution for interrupting the ground loop. See Isolating Battery Eliminator

What's happening is that the switching power supplies inside the UM400 transmitters create noise on the ground plane. This noise then has two paths because of the dual ground paths: one through the DC power and one through the audio ground connected by the mixer. Although mixers often have a transformer balanced output, some transformers have capacitance which can couple pins 1 and 2 to ground at high frequencies (such as hiss from DC switching supplies).

The solutions to this are as follows:

  • Use external isolating transformers at your mixer outputs.
  • Run a wire between the antenna connectors on the UM400 transmitters. One way to do this is to take a length of 18 ga. wire and crimp hoop lugs on each end. Then, using the SMA connectors for the whip (or external) antennas, lock the lugs onto the transmitters.
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