Can I use the SR dual receiver in a bag system? Is it as good for such use as a UCR411? Open


Here's the Lectro line on the SR receiver for bag use:

  1. We realize that our customers are going to use the SR in their bags no matter what we say, just like they did with the UCR401 and frankly, they have had pretty good success with the UCR401.
  2. The SR has a better front end than the 401 though not as strong as the 411. The input stage is more resistant to overload than the UCR401. However, the SR does not have front end tracking like the UCR411 (after all, which transmitter do you track?).
  3. The customer should take the same care with the SR as with the UCR401. For instance, don't operate in the same block as the bag transmitters, try to keep 25 MHz or more of frequency separation between the transmitters in the bag and the SR receiver frequencies and try to have as much physical separation as possible. Inches can make a difference.
  4. We are already planning to make a fourth bottom adapter for the SR that has two 6 foot audio cables and a 6 foot power cable that customers can cut to bag length and fit with their own custom connectors. Any of the different bottom adapters can be swapped in just a minute or so.
  5. As with all our digital hybrid receivers, the audio performance is absolutely equal to the UCR411.

With a little care, the SR should make a fine bag system receiver

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