Will an RF antenna amplifier or splitter give me an increase in wireless range or sensitivity? Open


Usually it won't. Our receivers' front ends are very quiet and within a few dB of the theoretical limits for noise. The range limitations are usually due to other interfering noise sources in the environment. Additional gain before the receiver will not increase range but will lead to increased RF intermodulation and RF overload. The only time you want gain before a well designed receiver is to neutralize cable and/or splitter losses. In this case, the gain must go before the cable or splitter loss and it must be a high quality amplifier such as our IFM50. Putting the gain after the loss is too late since the signal to noise ratio is now poor and gain won't improve it. An analogy for RF is the same as for music; lots of amplification can't overcome poor source material.

Posted 3 years agoby LectroAdmin

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