Will a dipole antenna give me more range than a 1/4 wave whip (or 1/4 wave ground plane) antenna? Open


Yes and no. If the 1/4 wave ground plane antenna is properly built and has the necessary good ground plane, it has exactly the same gain or range as a dipole antenna. The 1/4 wave whip antennas on receivers and transmitters are just mounted to a connector for convenience and do not have the large ground plane that they should have. They are not good examples of a properly built 1/4 wave ground plane antenna.

However, the dipole antenna does not need a ground plane since the two arms of the dipole balance each other perfectly and no ground plane is needed. Generally a good dipole will work much better than the typical receiver whip antenna. The drawback to a dipole antenna is that it is twice as big as the small 1/4 wave whip antenna and correspondingly much more difficult to place on a person. In addition, the dipole antenna not only doesn't need a ground plane, it shouldn't be near a ground plane such as a transmitter case, a receiver housing or a camera body.

If you can find the room for the dipole it is generally a better choice; not because it is a better antenna but because the usual whip antennas don't have good ground planes due to space restrictions.

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