Will a 1/2 receiver antenna give me more range than the standard Lectro 1/4 wave whip? What is a 1/2 antenna? Is it just twice the length? Open


Yes, in its simplest form it is just a wire that is twice the length of a 1/4 wave whip. However, it doesn't work very well with a standard 50 Ohm antenna output or input. A half wave antenna has a very high input impedance (5000 Ohms or so) and requires an additional matching circuit to work well. Basically, a 1/2 wave antenna is a dipole antenna that is end fed rather than the more common center feed. 

Our SNA600 dipole antenna is a good example of a center fed dipole. It is a 1/2 dipole that has two 1/4 wavelength arms with a center feed where voltages are low and currents are high. The impedance of a center fed dipole is close to 50 Ohms and easily matched with striplines in the antenna body. 

Since the two dipole antennas are equivalent, there is no advantage of one over the other as far as gain goes. Neither antenna requires a ground plane.

In comparison to a 1/4 wave antenna, the gain is also exactly the same. For an explanation (See FAQ#056-WIRELESS). So in specific answer to your question, a wire twice as long as our normal antennas would not work well at all.

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