When I operate my receivers near a portable recorder, I seem to be losing a lot of range. What's wrong? Open


Some digital recorders have high levels of radiated RF and some have moderate levels of radiated RF but all radiate some RF. In any case, if the RF is the same as the operating frequency of the receiver, the range will always be affected. In most cases that particular frequency will be unusable. Some older digital recorders were so bad and radiated on so many frequencies simultaneously that any selected frequency was unusable. The only reasonable solution was to put the recorder in a trash compactor and then engage the crush mode, preferably multiple times. Modern digital recorders are much better but again, all radiate some RF.

The only current solution is to get the receiver antennas as far away from the recorder as possible. Increasing the separation by even a few additional inches may really pay off. We have some co-ax antennas that can be mounted on the straps of a bag system that will really help also. Things are easier on a cart setup since the antennas can be flown overhead to dramatically increase separation.

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