What is a coaxial dipole antenna and how can I easily make one? Open


Score the insulation of a 50 Ohm coax such as RG58 (RG174 is OK if it is less than 5 feet) one quarter wavelength from the end of the cable. Do it very gently and don't score or even scratch the stranded shield wires since they will easily break off. Remove the outer insulation. Pull the shield down so that it has some slack in it with a bulge near the remaining outer insulation of the coax. Poke an opening in the shield with a blunt tool near the remaining insulation. The hole should large enough to pull the center conductor with the inner insulation on it through the opening. Straighten the shield so that you have a quarter wavelength shield wire and a quarter wavelength center conductor. These are the two arms of your dipole. Fold the shield back along the outer insulation of the coax cable. The center conductor is left pointing in its original direction. Now cover the center conductor and the shield with a half wavelength or more of shrink tubing to make it look nice. This antenna works best if the center conductor and the folded back shield are both in the open air since both the folded back shield and the center conductor radiate.

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