The whip antennas on small transmitters tend to bend over time, with some of the more flexible ones developing kinks and "S" curves. Open


As long as the bends are moderate, the bends don't affect the antenna much at all. The overall length and distance to the ground plane establishes the capacitance of the antenna and the length establishes the inductance. Neither of these vary much with small bends in the wire. The capacitance and inductance establish the resonate frequency of the antenna which is the most critical factor. If the wire gets very close to metal (or the ground plane) then the capacitance to ground increases greatly. If the wire makes a loop or folds back on itself then the inductance will also increase a lot. Either of these would lower the resonance below the "cut" frequency and the antenna would not work as well.

The cable in our antennas can be dekinked by bending it with your fingers and you can do this hundreds if not thousands of times without breaking the wire.

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