Since the SRa is now using removable antennas, do I need to seal around the connectors to keep the SRa protected against rain? Open


The new stainless steel SMA female connector is pressed into the aluminum front panel and is an interference fit. Any possible panel to barrel gaps are filled by us with a Loctite gap filler. The antenna wire itself has an O-ring in the nut assembly that seals the wire antenna to the nut of the male connector so any water running down the antenna cannot enter the connector. Then the only possible water entry is if the SR is upside down or angled down and water runs into the inverted nut, around the threads, into gaps between the center insulator and the barrel and down into the unit. You can seal against this improbable occurrence with a small drop (dab) of Vaseline or other petroleum jelly inside the SMA connector applied right on the white insulator. The Vaseline will prevent leakage by this path totally, even if the unit is dropped into water and if the SR (and attached camera) are submerged, you've got bigger problems anyway. The Vaseline does not affect the RF at all. If the Vaseline gets dusty when the SMA is removed, just clean it with a cloth or Q-tip and some clean Vaseline.

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