If I use dipole antennas in a bag system, meaning they have to be close together, how should I orient them, vertically or horizontally? Open


Here's what I think I know about antenna orientation. If you are outdoors with the transmitter in the normal position with the transmitter antenna vertical, then you will get the best antenna strength ON THE AVERAGE with the dipole antenna arms also vertical. Inside where you have lots of reflections and the antenna signals are coming from all over, then vertical or horizontal polarizations are about the same. So vertical polarization is still, the safest orientation. There are two exceptions to this. If the transmitter antenna is horizontal, then the dipole arms should also be horizontal. Or if you can't separate the two dipole antennas by ideally at least a 1/2 wavelength (8 inches) to get good space diversity, then you can go to polarization diversity by rotating one antenna 90 degrees to the other. My advice is, if you can get the antennas 8 inches apart or more, then go with the vertical polarization.

Posted 3 years agoby LectroAdmin

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