I have 7 receivers and one 4 way Lectro multicoupler. What would be the best way to feed signal to all the receivers with the least signal loss? Should I scrap the 4 way multicoupler and go with a UMC16B 8 channel UHF Multicoupler? Open


The best way is to use three 2-way splitters on 3 of the outputs from your 4 way multicoupler and run the last output as usual for a total of 7 outputs. You will have a 3 dB+ loss on the split lines. If you are working at relatively close distances (under 100 feet) and/or in a RF noisy environment, you will not notice any change in performance. The reason is that if you are close you have plenty of signal and a small loss won't be noticeable. If you are in an RF noisy environment, the splitter will drop the signal and the noise both by 3 dB and the signal to noise ratio at the input remain the same. This is true until the attenuated external noise is less than the front end input noise of the receiver. I would try the passive splitters and save the money. Plus, splitters are always handy things to have around even if you eventually get a UMC16B.

Posted 3 years agoby LectroAdmin

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