Does Lectrosonics make an RF antenna amplifier that has a bandwidth wider than 50 MHz? Open


Yep, we do. We've had so many customers having problems when using other brand wide band RF amplifiers in their antenna systems that I caved in and set up some wide band versions of our distribution amps and amplifiers. They have a 230 MHz bandwidth and cover all our standard blocks. At least they still have a very high intercept point with low noise figures. The prices are the same as the narrower, 2 block wide units. The web site may not be changed yet but the sales crew have the details. The wide band version of the UHFM-50 is the UHFM-230. The UMC16A is the 50 MHz version and the UMC16B is the 230 MHz wide band version.

Posted 3 years agoby LectroAdmin

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