Any RF-savvy folks know the effect of a belt pack transmitter antenna oriented vertically downward with the receiver whip antenna vertical as usual? I know that having the transmitter at a right-angle to the receiver is not good. Open


Note: "vertically downward" (e.g., a beltpack upside-down)

When indoors, antenna orientation is not as critical as when the situation is line of sight outdoors. Indoors, the RF signal is bounced around so much that orientation is not as critical. In all cases though, you are safest using vertical transmitter antennas with vertical receiver antennas. 

As far as the question of whether the antenna should be above the transmitter or below it, the only rule I'd follow is the higher the antenna the better. Higher, upside down is better than lower, right side up. Usually, right side up does get the antenna a little higher.

Posted 3 years agoby LectroAdmin

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