Walk Test Recorder How-To

Use the Walk Test Recorder to learn the extent of coverage for a wireless microphone channel  in a particular setting. Operating range limits and dropout zones can be observed by walking a transmitter around a location and recording certain properties of the received signal.

The strip chart recorder functions like a tape recorder, with Play, Stop and Record buttons to manage the recording session. The recording can be rewound to an earlier point in time and replayed. This makes it easier for a walk test to be accomplished by a single person unassisted. While recording the data record is saved to a file for future reference.

The Walk Test Recorder also has an option to record the received audio signal to a file while the walk test is in progress. This requires that the receiver audio output be connected to a microphone or sound card input on the PC. The audio will be recorded in .wav format to a file in the same directory as the strip chart recording file.

Note - When Wireless Designer is Off-Line walk test recordings can be replayed but new recordings cannot be made.




Follow these steps to record a walk test:

  1. Connect to receiver.
  2. Create new file for recording.
  3. Select channel to test.
  4. Select parameters to record.
  5. Enable/disable audio recording.
  6. Start recording.
  7. Stop recording.
  8. Replay the walk test recording.

1. Connect to receiver

Connect to a receiver frame using the Connect (Live) main menu item. Click the desired frame icon in the tree view, then the Walk Test Recorder tab.

The recorder controls are disabled until a file is created to hold the recording.

2. Create a new file

Click New...

The Save As dialog opens.

Navigate to the desired location in the file system, give the file a meaningful name and click Save.

The File Name field in the tool bar is updated and the record control is enabled.

3. Select a channel

Click the Channels list and select a channel to use for the walk test.

4. Select parameters

Click Parameters to open the Walk Test Parameters dialog:

Check the parameters you wish to see in the strip chart recording. Uncheck those you don't wish to see.

When finished click OK.

5. Enable/disable audio recording

Optional. Click Record Audio to enable audio recording:

The audio input device list is enabled. Click and choose an audio device from the list:

Make sure the receiver channel's audio output is connected to this device.

Note - The audio will be saved to a file named xxx.wav where xxx is the name of the strip chart recording file seen in the tool bar. This file will be created in the same file system directory as the strip chart recording file.




6. Start recording

Click the Record button to start the walk test recording.

The strip chart will begin to roll.

Have someone walk the transmitter around the area while talking. It's a good idea for the talker to note landmarks while walking about. This allows the person monitoring the recorder to correlate strip chart indications with specific locations in the walk test.

7. Stop recording

Click the Stop button.

The strip chart will stop rolling and the scroll bar appears at the bottom.

The scroll bar button is positioned at the end of the recorder. Use the scroll bar to move back and forth in the recording to review the walk test history.


8. Replay the walk test recording

Optional. Click the Play button.

Replay will start from the current scroll bar location.

Note - If audio recording is enabled, the audio file will be replayed through the selected audio device, starting from the time indicated by the scroll bar location..