Venue Receiver Frame Settings

Note: Only the wideband Venue Receiver models are supported by Wireless Designer (models VRMWBL and VRMWB).

Select a frame in the tree view and click Settings to open a tabbed view which groups frame settings by category.

Select a tab to view or change settings.


The frame may be given a description which is helpful for identification purposes.


Note - Unlike other models, Venue Receiver has no internal storage for the Description. To work around this, Wireless Designer stores the description on your PC and recalls it each time you connect to that frame. This means the description will not be seen if you connect from a different PC unless you load it from a session file, in which case Wireless Designer will "remember" it on subsequent connections.






Front Panel

The behavior of the frame's front panel user interface is managed here.



A listing of the hardware components in the receiver and the firmware programs installed in each. More than one firmware program may be installed into a component, so the component will be listed more than once.


This information is used by the Firmware Update Wizard to automatically determine which firmware version to select for the frame.