Venue Receiver Channel Settings

Note: Only the wideband Venue Receiver models are supported by Wireless Designer (models VRMWBL and VRMWB).

Right click a channel to open the channel menu.

Several options are shown here:

Choose Settings... to open the Edit Channel Settings dialog.

Shortcut - double clicking a channel also opens the Edit Channel Settings dialog.



Navigation Buttons

These let you browse back and forth through channels without leaving the Edit Channel Settings dialog once you have opened it..

If a frame icon is selected in the tree view then you can browse only the channels in that frame. If the Session icon is selected in the tree view you can browse through all channels in all frames in the session.

Receiver Tab

This is the place to view and configure the channel's receiver settings. A mini activity display allows you to monitor the channel while making changes.

Frame Status

This area provides information about the channel's frame. The frame's name and serial number are displayed along with a thumbnail view of the location and status of installed modules.

Receiver Settings

This group holds general receiver settings.


Note - Unlike other models, Venue Receiver has no internal storage for Receiver Names. To work around this, Wireless Designer stores the names on your PC and recalls them each time you connect to the frame. This means the names will not be seen if you connect from a different PC unless you load them from a session file, in which case Wireless Designer will "remember" them on subsequent connections.






Receiver Audio Settings

This group holds receiver module audio settings.


Channel Status

Monitors channel activity when connected to receivers.

The meters and indicators are described in the Venue Receiver Channel Monitor topic.