Venue 2 Receiver Frame Settings

Select a frame in the tree view and click Settings to open a tabbed view which groups frame settings by category.

Select a tab to view or change settings.


The frame may be given a description which is helpful for identification purposes.


Front Panel

The behavior of the frame's front panel user interface is managed here.



The network interface is configured here.



The RS232 port baud rate can be set here.

Note: Wireless Designer operates on a fixed baud rate of 57600 for  RS232 connections, so the frame must be set for that baud rate for connections to succeed. If connected to the frame using the RS232 port, changing this setting to any other baud rate will cause the connection to fail!


Antenna Power

Control the "phantom" antenna power here. This is used to power active antennas and preamplifiers connected to the antenna ports with coaxial cable.


Tuning Groups

Four user defined frequency groups may be created here. These are called groups "U", "V", "W" and "X". Each of these can contain up to 32 frequencies.


Tuning Groups are selected in the channel settings. When selected the frequency selection for the channel is limited to the frequencies in the group.


A listing of the hardware components in the receiver and the firmware programs installed in each. More than one firmware program may be installed into a component, so the component will be listed more than once.


This information is used by the Firmware Update Wizard to automatically determine which components in a receiver need firmware updates, and which firmware versions to select for each.