Frequency Scan View

Note - Frequency Scan is not available when Wireless Designer is Off-Line.



This view contains a spectrum analyzer view along with controls to conduct an RF spectrum scan. This feature is used to determine what interfering signal sources are present at your operating location. The scan results are shown into a single session-wide spectrum analyzer view and can be exported to the Frequency Coordination tool.

Wireless Designer will build up as complete a view as possible using available receiver channels, whether in one frame or multiple frames.  The receiver channels used are colored orange in the Session tree view when scanning. Those parts of the spectrum not covered by a receiver channel are indicated with a "hatched" background.

Spectrum Analyzer

In this example we see that 9 of 12 channels have been recruited into the scanning process, covering frequency blocks 470 through 26.

The horizontal axis is frequency in MHz, with scales provided at top and bottom to identify TV channels and frequency blocks. The vertical axis is RF level in dBµV.

Multiple scan cursors, one for each scanning channel, are shown as vertical orange lines. They move left to right in the channel's tuning range, wrapping around to the first frequency after reaching the last frequency in the channel. No data will be plotted for blocks for which no receiver is available. Scanning is continuous and signals are plotted with a peak-hold trace so that transient signals are not "forgotten".

Movable markers may be placed to measure the frequency of specific signals or delimit specific frequency ranges.


Using Markers

To set a marker, move the mouse to the desired frequency or signal, right click and choose Add Marker from the popup menu.

This places a blue marker at that point on the horizontal (frequency) axis of the analyzer.

To move the marker, click and drag it to a new location:

 Multiple markers can be added.

Here markers have been set to indicate the boundaries of TV channel 32. To remove a marker, right click it and choose Remove Marker from the popup menu.

The marker is removed.