Wideband UHF Diversity Antenna Multicoupler

  • Four slots for up to 16 audio channels in 1RU
  • Use with DCR822, DSR, DSR4, UC411 and SR units
  • 11-18 VDC
  • High quality RF distro covers Blocks 470-26 and Bands A1, B1 and C1

The purpose of wideband architecture is to provide the flexibility needed to deal with a changing RF environment, and for mobile productions that cover broad geographic areas. The UMCWBD-L provides a mechanical rack mount with power and RF signal distribution for four diversity compact receivers in a single rack space. The wideband low version covers frequency blocks from 470 through 26.The UMCWBD-L can hold any four receivers from the UCR411a, DCR822, and any Lectrosonics slot receiver including SR Series and DSR Series.

The RF multicoupler preserves the sensitivity and overload performance of the finest receivers. Selective filtering in the front end attenuates RF signals above and below the passband to suppress intermodulation and noise. Following the filters is a low noise RF amplifier with gain matched to compensate for the losses in the splitter that follows.

A precision strip line splitter/isolator divides the RF signal into four isolated signals preventing spurious RF coupling between receivers. The splitter/isolator is termination independent which prevents mismatched or disconnected RF outputs from affecting the other receivers.

The assembly is powered from an external source of 11 to 18 VDC with individual auto-reset fuses for each receiver in the RF/power distribution module. This architecture eliminates ground loops and AC hum that can occur when the receiver outputs are connected to other audio equipment operating from a different AC source.

Included Accessories

  • DCR15/4AU power supply