Wire-Lists#12: Popular Receiver Antenna Combos

Social Media WireLists12 300px copyLast week, we shared a grid with transmitter/antenna combinations. We couldn’t leave out receivers! This grid is slightly different than the one for transmitters because of how receivers are used. While transmitters are usually placed on or near the subject, receivers often sit stationary or are portable, within bags or mounted on cameras. Receivers also have different connectors – an elbow antenna is going to be a logical choice (although a straight style can work equally well depending on the application. Or, you can use an adapter).

Keeping all this in mind:


  1. Available blocks are: 470, the range from 19 to 33 and 941/944 (not all blocks are available in all countries – check before you order or visit).
  2. The prefix “AMM” refers to a straight whip antenna with SMA connector, “AMJ” refers to a jointed/elbow antenna with SMA connector, “ACOAXTX” refers to a dipole coax cable antenna with SMA connector and “ACOAXBNC” refers to a dipole coax cable antenna with BNC connector.
  3. In general, receiver antenna lengths are not as critical as those for transmitter antennas. Plus, due to the overlap of some blocks and bands, any antenna that you choose for one block will usually work nearly as well for an adjacent block.
  4. As long as it is the correct antenna for the block you’re using, an antenna for an LR can also be used on a Venue 2 or any receiver in that block, connector-dependent (again – adapters are available). You can also use your transmitter antennas for receivers – an antenna is an antenna. We’ve tried to make things interchangeable when we can.
  5. Remember that when receivers are close to transmitters, you want frequency separation. Ideally, you should also have physical separation as well, but this isn’t always possible. Putting a 941 receiver right next to 941 transmitters in a bag can desensitize the receiver, and your range will suffer. A better choice will be to look at one of our remote antennas, such as the PCA900 (adapter required) or ACOAXTX-944, or keeping the receiver (or transmitter) outside the bag.

Is there a particular type of antenna that you’d find useful for us to offer? Email us and tell us about it!

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