Wire-Lists #43 – Connecting to Wireless Designer Through A Personal Network: 
The Mac version

Social Media WireLists43 300pxLast week, we discussed how to connect to Wireless Designer through a personal network on Windows-based machines. For those of you using Macs, the steps are basically the same, with the exception of slightly different hardware needs and the process of getting to the DHCP menu. You may want to print out the Windows instructions to refer to for this exercise.

We ran this demo using a Netgear switch and a DSQD. You will need a Mac that can connect to Ethernet, either with an adapter (we recommend that you use only Apple-licensed products, as generics often do not perform correctly) or directly into the port. For this purpose, we used a Thunderbolt adapter.


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  1. Ensure that you have the latest version of Wireless Designer installed by checking the Wireless Designer Mac page. Please note that the current version of Wireless Designer for Mac no longer requires the USB Adapter for Mac OS X program.
  2. Connect your Mac to the switch and your receiver. In your receiver, assign IP addresses, like we explain in the Windows version. Write them down.
  3. In Wireless Designer, go to System Preferences:
    Screen Shot 2020 10 21 at 10.17.54 AM
  4. You’ll notice that Wireless Designer “sees” the Thunderbolt adapter connected. Choose “Configure using DHCP.”
    Screen Shot 2020 10 21 at 10.20.08 AM
    Then choose “Manually” from the pull-down menu.
    Screen Shot 2020 10 21 at 10.23.30 AM
  5. Assign the computer an IP address and enter the Subnet Mask:
    Screen Shot 2020 10 21 at 10.27.24 AM
  6. Reboot, then go back into Wireless Designer and choose “Connect (Live),” then “Connect via Network”
    Screen Shot 2020 10 21 at 10.33.44 AM
  7. Enter the IP address that you assigned to your Lectrosonics equipment (in this case, the DSQD) and click “Search.” You’ll notice that Wireless Designer recognizes the connected receiver:
    Screen Shot 2020 10 21 at 10.34.43 AM
    Screen Shot 2020 10 21 at 10.34.47 AM

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