Social Media WireLists11 300pxAre you packing a project bag, or trying to be prepared for anything you might encounter? This handy grid will make your life a lot easier when coordinating the antennas that you should bring with you to accommodate all of your transmitters. Four things to note:

  1. Antennas for the LMB and SSMs are fixed antennas. They cannot be swapped out, except to repair them.
  2. Available blocks are: 470, the range from 19 to 33 and 944 (not all blocks are available in all countries – check before you order or visit). The prefix “AMJ” refers to a jointed antenna, while the prefix “ACOAXTX” refers to an antenna with a coaxial SMA connector.
  3. In general, due to the overlap, any antenna that you choose for Block 470 will also be compatible with Blocks 19 and 20.
  4. As long as it is the correct antenna for the block you’re using, an antenna for an SMV can also be used on a WM or any transmitter in that block, connector dependent. We’ve tried to make things interchangeable when we can.