TN1018 - Battery Box Polarity Protection Installation

This Tech Note explains how to install the polarity protectors into the UCR210D battery box. This should be done on all units up to serial number 1145. Units numbered 1146 and up already have these installed.

Tools Needed:

  • Phillips head screwdriver size 00
  • Phillips head screwdriver size 0
  • Small needle nose pliers

Figure 1

Kit number BP210AABATTKIT consists of two metal and plastic inserts and three screws. (Dime not included)


TN1018-fig2Installing the Polarity Protection Devices

1. Remove the battery box from the receiver

2. Remove the three Phillips-head screws which hold the latch and spring mechanism to the battery box housing. See Figure 2. Don't remove any other screws.

3. Remove the end-cap assembly from the housing (See Figure 3).

4. Using needle-nose pliers, press a polarity protector into the end of one of the springs (See Figure 4). It will snap into place lightly. Pinch all the way around the edge with the pliers to be sure it is firmly in place.

5. Repeat step 4 using the second polarity protector and the other spring

6. Insert the end-cap back into the housing. be sure to line up all three holes. Be sure the contact tines are visible from outside the housing after re-assembly as shown in Figure 5.

7. Replace the three original screws with the new ones provided in the kit. Tighten firmly but do not over-tighten as the small screws may be damaged.