Replacing the wire belt clip with a hinged belt clip on LM transmitters

The LM transmitter is shipped with a removable wire belt clip. Some users may want to replace this wire clip with a more rugged hinged belt clip (BCHINGED). This Tech Note describes how to replace the wire belt clip a hinged belt clip.

Tools needed:
  • Small flat blade screwdriver
  • Small phillips screwdriver
  • Long nose pliers

  1. Open the plastic bag containing the Belt Clip Modification Kit and ensure all the parts are available.
  2. Use flat blade screwdriver to remove one end of the wire belt clip from the LM housing. With the tension released, the other end should slide out. Then remove labels from LM housing.
  3. Press Hinge Plate so it is parallel to the belt clip, then insert the Guide Pin into the Guide Pin Hole on the LM housing. Press the hinge plate firmly so it sits flush against the LM housing, ensuring that the Retaining Screw Through Hole lines up with the threaded insert in the LM housing.
  4. Insert the 4-40x3/16 phillips head screw in the Retaining Screw Through Hole and tighten with the small phillips screwdriver. (The use of the long nose pliers may be required to place the screw in the retaining screw hole.)

  5. Peal the Bumper from its backing and place it between the Belt Clip and the LM housing.

  6. Test new clip to ensure it operates properly. The old Wire Belt Clip can either be stored for possible use in the future, or disposed of at the nearest recycling center.