For Lectrosonics UCR411A (UCR511 European) Diversity UHF Receiver

One of the benefits of Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless™ is its ability to operate with non-Digital Hybrid Wireless™ products, such as Lectrosonics 100 Series, 200 Series, 300 Series (European) and other analog systems. This technical note covers discovering and changing (if necessary) the compatibility mode of the UCR411A Digital Hybrid Wireless™ receiver. (This procedure also applied to the UCR511 European model.)


Discovering Current Compatibility Mode

  1. Ensure receiver and associated transmitter are turned off.
  2. Set the POWER ON/OFF switch to ON and observe the LCD. The Power Up sequence consists of four screens. The third screen displays the Compatibility Mode currently set in the UCR411A.

Changing Compatibility Mode


  1. Press the MENU Button the access the Setup Menu, then press and release the SEL Up Button until SETUP COMPAT is displayed in the LCD.
  2. Press the MENU Button to enter the COMPAT Setup Screen.
  3. Press the SEL UP or Down Button until the correct Compatibility Mode is displayed. The choices are:
    • 400 - This is the factory default setting and works with all Lectrosonics 400 Series and 500 Series (European) Digital Hybrid Wireless™ transmitters. This mode offers the best audio quality.
    • 100 - This mode works with all Lectrosonics 100 Series compatible transmitters.
    • 200 - This mode works with all Lectrosonics 200 Series and 300 Series (European) compatible transmitters.
    • MODE 3 - This mode works with a number of non-Lectrosonics analog transmitters. Contact the company for a list of compatible transmitters.
    • IFB - This mode works with all Lectrosonics IFB compatible transmitters. (requires Firmware version 1.5 and later.)
  4. Press the MENU Button once to set the selected Compatibility Mode as the current mode, then press the MENU Button once more to return to the Main Window.