For Lectrosonics R400 Digital Hybrid Wireless™ Receiver

One of the benefits of Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless™ is its ability to operate with non-Digital Hybrid Wireless™ products, such as Lectrosonics 100 Series, 200 Series, 300 Series (European) and other analog systems. This technical note covers discovering and changing (if necessary) the compatibility mode of a typical Lectrosonics Digital Hybrid Wireless™ transmitter.


Setting Compatibility Mode

  1. Ensure receiver and associated transmitter are turned off.
  2. Push the POWER/PREV MENU button on the R400 front panel. After a few seconds, the Main Window will appear.
  3. Push the MENU/SELECT Control the access the TopMenu. Press the MENU/SELECT Control again to display the SetUpRx Menu.
  4. Rotate the MENU/SELECT Contol to highlight Compat, then press the MENU/SELECT Control to access the Compat Setup Screen.
    r400 lcd compat
  5. Rotate the MENU/SELECT Control to display the Compatibility Mode matching the associated transmitter. The available Compatiblity Modes are:
    • 400 - This is the factory default setting and works with all Lectrosonics 400 Series and 500 Series (European) Digital Hybrid Wireless™ transmitters. This mode offers the best audio quality.
    • 100 - This mode works with all Lectrosonics 100 Series compatible transmitters.
    • 200 - This mode works with all Lectrosonics 200 Series and 300 Series (European) compatible transmitters.
    • MODE 3 - This mode works with a number of non-Lectrosonics analog transmitters. Contact the company for a list of compatible transmitters.
    • IFB - This mode works with all Lectrosonics IFB compatible transmitters. (requires Firmware version 1.5 and later.)
  6. Press POWER/PREV MENU until the Main Windows appears.