Replace battery only with Lectrosonics Part No. “LRIIIBATT”. Due to the fast charge circuitry, you must use this specific battery. Any other battery will quickly fail.

These battery packs are capable of very high currents if shorted. These high currents can cause serious burns to clothing and skin. Always have a qualified technician replace the battery pack.

Note: Do not bend the battery terminals, as they may break off.

Replacing the battery pack:

    1. Ensure the Long Ranger IV is powered off.
    2. Remove the Terminal Cover Hold Down Screw and set the Terminal Cover and screw aside.


For safety reasons, always remove the black wire from the battery pack first.

  1. Carefully slide the Battery Terminal Lugs off the battery terminals. Then, remove the two Battery Retainer Hold Down Screws securing the battery retainer and set the retainer and screws aside.

  2. From the opposite side, carefully push the old pack from the Long Ranger IV housing. The battery pack assembly is relatively heavy and fits snugly in the LR IV. It may be necessary to remove the four Battery Retainer Hold Down Screws holding the retainer bracket on the back side of the battery compartment. Some batteries may need a gentle tap from a rubber headed mallet to remove them from the LR IV.

    Although the battery housing is extremely rugged, it can break. Use caution removing the old battery.

  3. Slide the replacement battery pack into the LR IV with the terminal lugs facing the same direction as the old battery pack.

    For safety reasons, always install the red wire to the battery pack first.
  4. Reconnect the Battery Terminal Connectors to the appropriate Battery Terminal Lugs (red, or positive, to the bottom lug and black, or negative, to the top lug).

    If the battery pack is connected backwards, even momentarily, damage to the Long Ranger may result. This kind of damage is not covered under warranty and repairs are costly.

  5. After ensuring that the battery terminal connectors are attached to the correct battery terminal lugs, reattach the battery retainers and the terminal cover.
  6. Plug the battery charger in the "Use Only DCR15/2AU Charger" jack on the LR IV rear panel. The "Charge Until Lamp Goes Out" indicator should glow green to indicate the battery is connected properly and charging. Allow the new battery to charge fully before returning the LR IV to operation.