Phantom Power

These microphones use an electret type pickup that operates from 5 Volt “phantom power.” This is a DC voltage present on the input jack of Lectrosonics transmitters, and also on the input jack of various portable sound systems. This eliminates having to use a separate battery for the microphone and keeps the size and weight of the headset at a minimum, while preserving the excellent tone quality of the electret pickup element. Some portable PA systems do not have “phantom powered” inputs. The headset will not operate with these units without a special adapter. Call the factory for details on older models or for information regarding which Lectrosonics products are compatible.

hdset2The Volume Control 

An integral volume control built into the headset provides control over feedback when the headset is used with high output PA systems. It is very important to set this control at maximum before making adjustments to either the wireless system or setting the volume of the sound system.

Follow these steps in the order shown:

  1. Rotate the white control knob on the headset fully clockwise to set it at maximum.
  2. Adjust the gain of your wireless transmitter if you are using a wireless system.
  3. Adjust the volume of your sound system.

This volume control is really an attenuator, or “reducer” of the volume. It should not be used in the same manner as the regular volume control. Most of the time the control should be left in the maximum position. Set it at maximum to start out, and then use it only to temporarily reduce the volume of your sound system to control feedback.

Wearing the headset

The headset is designed to be worn over the head, but can also be worn around the neck. Adjust the headband for a comfortable fit with the mic tube to the left side of your head. The microphone pickup element should be just to the side of your mouth. Do not position the pickup directly in front of your mouth as this may cause noise from breath pops as you speak.

It is possible to rotate the mic tube such that the connecting wires inside can become twisted and may even break. The mic tube has been designed to allow for normal use and movement, however, if the tube is continuously rotated the wires will eventually break.


The headsets are available with either a locking micro plug or a standard mini plug for use with any Lectrosonics wireless system or portable PA system.

Locking Micro Plug

To attach the locking micro plug, insert it into the jack and then rotate it clockwise. Do not over-tighten. Rotate it counter-clockwise to release it before pulling it out of the jack.

Standard Mini Plug

The standard mini plug is simply inserted into the jack on either the wireless transmitter, or into the jack on the portable PA system.