The Lectrosonics SKHCONN service kit is provided to allow replacement of a damaged XLR connector in the head assembly of Lectrosonics H series plug-on transmitters.

Replacement of the XLR connector requires disassembly and reassembly of the head assembly. A special holding fixture is required to perform these operations successfully.

Before attempting to install a new XLR connector, it is
recommended that a photograph or sketch be made of the old head/PC board assembly. This will allow the wires from the new XLR connector to be twisted, routed and soldered to the PC board exactly like the wires from the connector being replaced.

* Head assemblies for older transmitters have a black plastic molded wire clamp that holds the wires from the XLR connector in position. Later plug-on models do not have the wire clamp. These later models CANNOT be disassembled in the field.

Consult Lectrosonics Customer Service for instructions.


The blue wire from the old A9042 Mic Latch Assembly now connects to a solder lug on the new A9042 insulator block.