Every year, Lectrosonics works with hundreds of consultants, system integrators and design consultants to assist in configuring sound systems to meet the client’s needs using LecNet(tm) products. The growing family of LecNet products and the increasing complexity of modern automatic sound systems in boardrooms, courtrooms, teleconferencing, distance learning facilities, worship centers, etc. requires considerable effort to design systems that are reliable and easy to install. Lectrosonics has developed unique, cost saving solutions with unique products. As an example, the following diagram depicts a three way conferencing system that requires only a minimal number of components, for a considerable cost savings over methods used in the past to provide the same functions.


The most effective way to design and implement a sound system involving LecNet components for a specific client is to contact the factory during the initial stages of design. Please feel free to contact us with any new system you have been challenged to design. We can help. Afterall, we brought "mix minus" sound reinforcement to the installed sound market.

The LecNet products include:

  • Two patented, gain proportional, adaptive level automatic mixers
  • A programmable 12x8 matrix mixer
  • An integrated 16 input automatic mixer/matrix mixer in a 2-space 19" rack mount
  • A patented digital telephone hybrid sound system interface
  • An 8-channel, bridgeable power amplifier in a single 19" rack space
  • A programmable interface for "Video Follow Audio" applications
  • Multi-line bridging for audio/video teleconferencing

To use this service, contact the factory and find out how simple automatic sound systems can be:

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