SB1002 - Changing Maxi Mouse Batteries

RELEASE: 19 February 2007
BY: Service Department

Wires connecting the battery must be placed for correct polarity! If you are not 100% certain, contact the factory before proceeding

Wear safety glasses and use extreme caution to prevent battery terminals from being shorted. If the batteries become warm to the touch, disconnect all battery terminals IMMEDIATELY and contact the factory.

Step 1

Remove the four 1/2 inch hex bolts that secure the grill and speaker to the cabinet.


Step 2

Remove the speaker assembly being careful not to pull or bind the wires.


Step 3

Remove the battery retainer bolt, lift up the wooden retainer off the bolt and set it out of the way in the back of the cabinet.

NOTE: the wooden retainer cannot be removed from inside the cabinet.


Step 4

Carefully lift and remove the two (2) batteries from the cabinet and place them in front the unit. Loosen the wire clamp that gathers the battery wires.


Step 5

Remove the wires from the old batteries and connect them to the new batteries. It is helpful to position the new battery next to the old one and move the wires one at a time and attach them to exactly the same terminals on the new batteries. Make sure the wires are securely connected to the battery terminals.

NOTE: On some earlier units, the wires were soldered onto the battery terminals. You can either solder the wires to the new batteries or place connectors on the wires as shown and then connect to the new battery.

The Maxi Mouse circuitry requires + 6VDC, – 6VDC and +12 VDC, so the batteries must be wired exactly as shown. The yellow jumper wire shown here connects the positive (+) terminal of the left-hand battery with the negative (–) terminal of the right-hand battery. The color of this jumper wire has varied over the many years of production, but yellow was the most common. The black wire connects the negative (–) terminal of one battery to the circuit board, and the red wire connects the positive (+) terminal of the other battery to the circuit board. The green "floating ground" wire can be connected to either end of the yellow jumper.


Step 6

After the connections are made to the new batteries, position them inside the cabinet and secure the wires with the wire clamp (see Step 4). Install the battery retainer (reverse the procedure in Step 3).


Step 7

Replace the speaker and grill and tighten the mounting bolts. (reverse the procedure in Steps 1 and 2).