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Lectrosonics ResourcesLectrosonics Resources

Welcome to our resouces page. Please browse category descriptions and click on corresponding link for resources you need.


  • Lectro U: Online Training Courses for Lectrosonics products.
  • Powerpoint tutorials for audio and Lectrosonics.

Wireless Resources

  • Global RF Scans - Upload or download local spectrum scans in .sdf or .csv formats
  • FCC & Spectrum Updates - FCC spectrum tools and updates
  • Wireless Guide - Comprehensive guide to wireless
  • Wireless Designer Software - Support page and resources for Wireless Designer Software.

Compliance Documents

  • EU Compliance documents for export
  • Conflict Minerals Policy
  • MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets

Additional Resources

  • Master Catalog - Master Catalog PDF for view or download.
  • House of Worship Catalog - Mini catalog specialized for house of worship market.
  • Product Photo Gallery - Photo gallery of downloaded photos for Lectrosonics products.
  • The Wire-Lists - Practical tips and tricks for everyday wireless applications.
  • Not Fragile Stories - Legendary stories of Lectrosonics quality and durability