The Ministry of State in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany Chooses Lectrosonics


ASPEN System at the Heart of New Sound System for Conference and Reception Rooms

Stuttgart, Germany (January 28, 2016) -- The Villa Reitzenstein in Stuttgart, Germany, is the official residence of the Ministry of State and the acting prime minister of Baden-Württemberg. In the course of a fundamental reconstruction MediasPro provided conference audio technology for the impressive building, utilizing a Lectrosonics ASPEN system.

The Lectrosonics ASPEN DSP Matrix SPN1624 forms the heart of the sound system for the eleven different reception and conference rooms and areas of the building. The 24 outputs of the matrix are used for the installed speakers and – during bigger events or press conferences - for connecting mobile speaker systems or for live recordings. For amplification, two 8X100 and one 8X400 Bittner power amplifiers, in combination with 8XT transformers, were chosen. A Bittner SXL II monitors and automatically controls the amplifiers.

An additional mobile system with a Lectrosonics ASPEN SPN812 is used for a wireless multi-channel microphone system. Lectrosonics´ patented Proportional Gain Algorithm (PGA) for auto-mixing seamlessly mixes the different inputs. This increases intelligibility and sounds especially natural.

MediasPro´s customer was Siemens AG, Building Technologies Division, Stuttgart.

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