Lectrosonics Wireless Chosen For On Site NAB HD Television

Lectrosonics at NAB and on NABHDLAS VEGAS, NEVADA: Lectrosonics is providing a full complement of wireless microphone systems for NAB-HD, the fully operational television broadcast station that will operate from the show floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the NAB Convention, for the second year running. Lectrosonics is supplying eight channels of RF handheld and lavalier mics for use in the studio, plus five camera-mount wireless systems for ENG use.

"I think Lectrosonics has an excellent product that will allow us to be more flexible than we were last year," comments Nigel Spratling, NAB-HD project director and president of Mavens, a television industry consultant firm based in Pennsylvania. "It's nice packaging and very small, which makes it very easy to put on the talent."

Lectrosonics is supplying NAB-HD with two Venue VRM master units outfitted with eight VRS receiver modules for use in the studio, together with a pair of SNA600 dipole antenna systems. Two UT400 VM handheld transmitters and six a M152/5P lavalier microphones with LM belt-pack transmitters will be available in the studio, with an additional five UT400 VM handheld microphones, each paired with a UCR401 camera-mounting receiver, assigned to each of the ENG crews. 

As Spratling observes, "In the studio, it's not that much of a problem to use wired microphones. But for the ENG crews, wireless handheld microphones are so much nicer to use in that kind of an environment."

The NAB-HD operation will include a fully functioning HD television facility incorporating HD studio, production and editing facilities, plus an automated multi-service master control environment, as well as an HD theater. SignaSys will be handling the design, installation, testing and coordination of the "living laboratory." The 5,000 square-foot broadcast exhibit, staffed by over 40 volunteers, will distribute recorded and live programming to the Las Vegas Convention Center, local area hotels, and beyond.

Spratling explains, "The theme of our station's programming this year is 'content delivery.' We're creating a 24-hour channel that's going to go to the hotels, to the convention center, and is also going to satellite, so that broadcasters around the country can pick it up. It's also going to the Internet, so people around the world can get it as streaming media."

"We're also going via Microsoft and Verizon with the signals reformatted for mobile media," he continues, "so they will be delivered back to the convention center via satellite and displayed on DVB-H handheld devices around the place. The idea is to be able to show visitors a real-life TV station producing programming, and how we're repurposing all of the output to go to any of these particular devices, including IPTV."

Lectrosonics wireless equipment was chosen as a result of an experience that Spratling had last year with the debut of NAB-HD. "We were trying to produce programming and some of our biggest issues were with audio. We used wired mics, because I'm an old guy and I don't trust wireless, and everybody in the convention center always has all kinds of stuff radiating RF." But Spratling briefly borrowed a wireless setup from the Lectrosonics booth at the request of a segment producer for an on-camera interview with outgoing NAB CEO, Eddie Fritz and recalls, "It worked flawlessly."

He recounts, "I returned it and said, we must have been lucky. They said, 'These systems do the job, day in and day out, even in hostile environments.' So this year, I went back to them and said, put your money where your mouth is. I'm going to go all wireless on your say-so that it's going to work. And they said, 'It will be perfect.'"

Programming for NAB-HD will include the "Live Morning Show" with live reports from a helicopter, the "Roving Reporter Xtreme," who will broadcast from secret, remote locations, showcasing the ability to do live remote broadcasts in HD. It will also include interviews with industry executives and convention speakers, roundtable discussions on electronic media technology, and exhibit floor features.

Since its formation in 1971, Lectrosonics has grown to become a premier firm specializing in the design and creation of professional audio technologies. Alongside creating audio processing gear such as the DM Series, Lectrosonics is a leading innovator of wireless audio technology with many professionals as ardent fans within the broadcasting, motion picture, and television.

About Lectrosonics

Well respected within the film, broadcast, and theater technical communities since 1971, Lectrosonics wireless microphone systems and audio processing products are used daily in mission-critical applications by audio engineers familiar with the company's dedication to quality, customer service, and innovation. Lectrosonics is a US manufacturer based in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.