Lectrosonics Introduces “The Wire-Lists”

Lectrosonics Introduces The Wire Lists 

Rio Rancho, NM (February 11, 2020) -- Lectrosonics is very pleased to introduce The Wire-Lists, a continuing series of blog articles aimed at sharing new ideas, insider tips and techniques, solutions and reference information to benefit professionals working in the community. Lectrosonics created “The Wire-Lists” articles to serve as an important resource to address questions and suggestions from sound recordists, engineers, salespeople, R&D professionals and others in the industry.

Some of the interesting topics which have been addressed in The Wire-Lists articles include: The 4 Don’ts for Preventing Sick Transmitters; My Transmitter Doesn’t Work! Three Things To Check; Lessons on Battery Care for the Long Ranger; Cold Weather Care for Transmitters, Mics and Receivers; Why Are You Holding Your Mic Like That? The Dos and Don’ts of RF Attenuation; Three Wireless Designer Tips and Tricks; 1 Tip to Identify Types, and 9 Ways To Prevent Wireless Mic RF Drop-Outs; Popular Transmitter Antenna Combos; Three HM Transmitter Hacks (aka “MacGyvers”) for Desperate Situations and others.

“Lists like these can be fun but we didn’t want just click bait,” says Karl Winkler, VP of sales & marketing at Lectrosonics, Inc. “The customer support and marketing teams created The Wire-Lists to serve as a resource for our customers and other professionals in the industry with helpful tips, lesser known information, and occasionally, a bit of humor.”

The Wire-Lists are available on Lectrosonics Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as on the company’s website.

Users are welcome to submit questions or suggested topics for future Wire Lists articles at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About Lectrosonics

Well respected within the film, broadcast, and theatre technical communities since 1971, Lectrosonics wireless microphone systems and audio processing products are used daily in mission-critical applications by audio engineers familiar with the company's dedication to quality, customer service, and innovation. Lectrosonics received an Academy Scientific and Technical Award for its Digital Hybrid Wireless® technology and is a US manufacturer based in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. 

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