Lectrosonics Introduces The Battery Banshee™ Low Battery Warning System

Lectrosonics' Battery Banshee Low battery warning systemRIO RANCHO, NEW MEXICO: Well-known wireless microphone manufacturer Lectrosonics introduces the Battery Banshee™ (patent pending) audible low-battery alert feature for their wireless receivers. The Banshee™ works by injecting a full-scale warning tone right into the program audio so users no longer need to keep a tiresome close watch on their battery status indicators. Both performers and sound system operators can instantly be aware of impending battery problems before audio quality is affected.

Four different low-battery warning tone types are selectable via the receivers' front panel controls: Whistle (with police, dog, or ship call variants), Siren (with European, American and air raid styles), Fog Horn, and Bugle ("reveille" "charge" - great for users of rechargeable batteries - and of course "taps").

John Smith, a beta tester for this new feature, comments: "This new feature means that I don't have to stay alert during shows any more. Now I just doze off until the warning blasts through the PA and I know it is time to change a battery! You wouldn't believe how much money I've saved on batteries since I started using the Banshee™."

All Lectrosonics wireless receivers shipped on April 1, 2005 will have the Banshee™ installed and set to "on" as default. Firmware upgrades for existing receivers are available via download from the Lectrosonics website.