Lectrosonics Goes Underwater At Seaworld

For Wireless Guitar, Lectrosonics will be the place to visit

MM400b and Venue installed ar Sea WorldSAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA: A wireless four-channel Lectrosonics Venue Receiver System, including 16 MM400b miniature belt-pack transmitters, has been installed at SeaWorld(r) San Diego for the water park's new sea lion and otter show. "Clyde and Seamore in Deep, Deep Trouble" is a marine-themed adventure that features California sea lions, river otters, animal trainers and theatrical performers in search of a mythical sea creature and unimaginable treasure.

Key to SeaWorld's decision to purchase the Lectrosonics system was the introduction of the latest version of the company's water resistant miniature belt-pack transmitter, the MM400B. Previous versions of the MM400 did not feature a power switch and could only be turned off by removing the battery. The new MM400B features a waterproof power switch and allows that switch to be programmed as an audio mute.

This new feature of the Digital Hybrid Wireless® transmitter combines 24-bit digital audio with an analog FM radio link to provide outstanding audio quality and the extended operating range of the best analog wireless systems. This allows the participating trainers and human performers to interject dialogue, comments and announcements instantly, without waiting through a power-up cycle. The 16 MM400B transmitters, four on each of their Venue system's available frequency blocks, are used with Countryman headset microphones. The Venue receivers are fed with Lectrosonics ALP700A LPDA weatherproof antennas.

Since this first system was installed in the San Diego SeaWorld Park, the other four SeaWorld locations have placed their orders for similar systems including the MM400B transmitters and Venue receivers.

"Clyde and Seamore in Deep, Deep Trouble" opened in mid-March, following major renovations, and is the eighth production to command the San Diego park's Sea Lion and Otter Stadium. The show submerges park guests two to eight times a day.