Lectrosonics DM Series Of Digital Audio Processors With LecNet2™ Is Now Shipping

DMFamilyRIO RANCHO, NEW MEXICO: Lectrosonics, a leading authority in high-end audio processing and wireless technology, has announced the immediate availability of their DM Series Digital Audio Processor Systems with LecNet2™ control software. The powerful DM Series systems provide easily configurable processing, mixing, and routing capabilities for sound reinforcement and conferencing applications often requiring multiple microphones and loudspeakers. The DM Series will also be showcased at NSCA 2005 Expo.

The DM Series consists of three digital automatic matrix mixers - the DM1624, DM1612 and DM812 - respectively offering 16 mic/line inputs and 24 line outputs; 16 mic/line inputs and 12 line outputs; and eight mic/line inputs and 12 line outputs. Each model features a full DSP-based crosspoint matrix, where any input can be routed to any or all outputs, allowing for superb flexibility. Subsequent to each input's A/D conversion, six DSP filters, an automatic digital feedback eliminator, a compressor, and a digital delay, are available for comprehensive signal processing. Once each signal reaches the matrix, gain is adjustable from -69dB to +20dB in 1dB steps per crosspoint. All outputs provide a digital delay, nine DSP filters, and a compressor/limiter. Each DM Series mixer is AMX and CRESTRON compatible, provides 128 macros for storing up to 64 commands per macro, and includes digital I/O ports for daisy-chaining and connection to additional LecNet2™ devices.

LecNet2™, the DM Series' user-friendly control software, operates on Windows 2000 or XP PC platforms and offers full command of the system via USB or RS-232 compatible interfaces. This included software yields off-line system configuration, quick configuration downloading, and robust macro tools. Once LecNet2™ is used for system setup, the configuration is saved in a file and within the DM unit's memory for operation. Upon configuration, no host computer is needed. The units run independently.

DM1624 $4,415
DM1612: $3,600
DM812: $3,000

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