Lectrosonics Benefits NSCA Education Foundation With $10,000 Contribution

Cedar Rapids -The NSCA Education Foundation announced a $10,000 contribution from Lectrosonics today. Lectrosonics is a continued supporter of this charitable foundation and the many educational initiatives it spearheads on behalf of the electronic systems industry.

As a gold club supporter, Lectrosonics' contribution will be used to support the educational efforts of both professionals entering the electronic systems industry and those seeking continuing education and career advancement within the industry. Specific programs include Project EST, an NSCA-led training and certification program for electronic systems installers, technicians and integrators, student memberships and education dollars for other NSCA educational programs like project management, fall business conference and expo education classes.

"Lectrosonics is pleased to join in the education initiatives of NSCA," said Gordon Moore, Vice President, Sales, Lectrosonics, Inc. "In addition to developing an educated workforce, this program has immeasurable benefit to the manufacturers, the dealers and ultimately, the end users.  We have long had a strong belief in education and are glad to help support the industry as we all continue to grow together. We look forward to continued success and an expanded role in our partnership with the Foundation and NSCA."

"We are excited to have Lectrosonics join us in pursuit of a higher level of education and training for our industry," said Craig Thompson, NSCA Education Foundation President. We appreciate their generosity and support."

About the NSCA Education Foundation

The NSCA Education Foundation is a charitable organization that exists to advance the electronic systems industry by attracting new employees into the field of electronic systems contracting, sustaining career development within the industry and providing and promoting leadership within this field.  For more information about the NSCA Education Foundation visit www.nscafoundation.org or contact Melissa Henderson at 1-800-446-6722 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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